Compassion in a Box

10 beautiful quilts donated by the East Bay Heritage Quilters, Albany, California
10 beautiful quilts donated by the East Bay Heritage Quilters, Albany, California

When Hurricane Sandy touched down it rocked the tristate area. Eight days later, when our electric returned the first call I received was from the American Quilter’s Society of Kentucky asking how we could team up. What resulted from that initial telephone call was an opportunity to receive over a thousand handmade quilts from AQS members who wished to provide warm, twin and queen sized quilts for the families impacted by the storm. What arrived: stunningly beautiful, professionally finished quilts of every color. Bright and cheerful gifts to comfort the soul; that demonstrated the compassion and empathy found in acts of kindness.

Our last official quilt donation to Hurricane Sandy families arrived from the East Bay Heritage Quilters of Albany, CA. The note inside their shipping box stated: “Many of us have connections to the East Coast-friends and family, and many of us have lived there. So, we were deeply hit when Sandy came through making her devastating changes. We hope our quilts will help as people continue to pick up and rebuild.”

Nearly every quilt donation that arrived to our HQ, arrived with a note inside the box. Quilt guilds, quilting shop owners, quilting instructors, long arm quilters, faith groups, quilt clubs in schools and quilt enthusiasts all reached out to us.

All sharing the same message: keep safe, stay warm, we care.

Together, we make all the difference!

To date, more than 170 knit, crochet, quilt and toy making groups have joined Blankie Depot’s network. You might wonder why an established group would need to join a non profit organization. The answer is two-fold: SOLIDARITY AND TEAMWORK. This is how 100% volunteer organizations make a difference; we are able to serve 30,000 NJ children a year by collaborating. Together, we make all the difference!