Messages from our Recipients

Dear Blankie Depot Volunteers,
Thank you for last months beautiful blankets. We appreciate your ongoing support of our premies, newborns and Share babies. The larger ones go very quickly and the off colors grays black and subued are very welcome as lap blankets and snug blankets in hospice and rehab. Every blessing to you, kind hard working crocheters and knitters.
— Hugs, the Nurses at Riverview NC

Dear Blankie Depot Volunteers, Hope your holidays were wonderful ! As the New Year begins, we reflect upon last years successful programs. Well, our Baby Showers were # 1 and only because of those beautiful hand crafted blankets. They made our moms so happy. When they opened the bag and saw one of those beautiful blankets, they smiled from ear to ear. Many pulled it out and began rubbing it on their face, glowing with excitement and probably thinking this is for my new baby. So, THANK YOU wonderful volunteers that spent many hours creating beautiful blankets for babies. You are greatly appreciated.
— Fondly, The Regional Perinatal Consortium of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Postpartum Depression Follow Up Coordinator

Dear Blankie Depot Members, Thank you so much for the generous donation of blankets for our patients. With the generous support of organizations like yours we are able to make the time our patients spend in the University Hospital a little less stressful. Please know that we are extremely appreciative of the blankets and we look forward to a continued relationship with you.
— UMDNJ/Volunteer Service

Thank you for the beautiful handmade hats and blankets. Our patients were so grateful to have received these donations. Thank you for everything.
— Jersey Shore Med Center

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff and clients at Lunch Break, please accept our gratitude to you for your recent, very generous donation of beautiful handmade blankets, hats, scarves and gloves that will be distributed for Christmas to Lunch break clients. We thank you so much for keeping us in the forefront of your charitable efforts.
— Lunch Break/ED

Dear Volunteers, As a result of the economic climate this holiday season I am aware that many of my families will not be able to give their children the kind of Christmas they would love. I get goose bumps and try to hold back the tears when my children open their presents from Blankie Depot filled with such cozy warm presents always so colorful and cheerful. This year, the gift certificates, toys, toiletries and handmade items were especially appreciated by 1,000 families thanks to all of you. God Bless.
— Apostle House Mgr.

Thank you so much for the wonderful donation of such beautiful blankets. I am so happy to distribute them to our families in need. Our parents appreciate the gift of a homemade blanket for their special baby. The generosity of your time and effort is truly appreciated.
— Ocean Med Center/Maternal Child Services

Thank you so much for your generous gift of the many handmade blankets and hats that were created and donated to K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. The blankets were a wonderful gift for many of our sick children and will provide many hours of comfort for the our patients. The families will be so grateful for the nice touch of having something that reminds their children of home while they are in the hospital. Kind gifts like yours help ease the burden for families enduring a stay in the hospital.
— Development Officer/Recreational Therapist

Thank you so much for your donation of blankets, hats and toys. They were all so beautiful. Your generosity has put a smile on our children’s faces. And those bibs!!! How darling. Thank you.
— Linkages/Easter Seals

We also receive some fun letters from youth volunteers like this:

Dear Blankie Depot, We wanted to donate these blankets to anyone who might need them. It was wonderful getting to spend time together doing something for others. Please express our love and warmth to anyone who receives them. Sorry that some of them aren’t quite as perfect as we had hoped they’d be. It was our first time trying to make blankets.
— The Junior Youth Middle School Peer Mentoring group — Gold Star Leigion/Hamilton, NJ

From Ocean Medical Center: “On behalf of the entire staff here at Ocean Medical Center, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the beautiful hand—crafted blankets and quilts that your volunteers made and donated to our patients. Please let each and every one of them know that their gifts were well received and brought smiles to many children who were unfortunate enough to be hospitalized. Your group has a very special talent—the blankets are just beautiful—and thanks to their kindness and generosity, we are able to offer our most disadvantaged patients some measure of comfort that they otherwise may have gone without.”
— Patient Services

From Children’s Specialized Hospital/Toms River: “Once again, the creative talents of your terrific group have come to the benefit of the special children in our care. On behalf of the children here at Children’s Specialized Hospital I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation of warm and snuggly blankets for our kids. You have been a special part of CSH for some time now and we want to again let you know how much we appreciate your kindness, creativity and generosity.”
— Coordinator, Volunteer Services

From Apostle House: “I hope you really understand how much your blanket donations help my children. They have nothing and now they are warm. I am so thankful for your agency’s generosity every year. This year, I was able to help one of our other schools as well as my class.”
— Director

From St. Peter’s University Hospital: “On behalf of the staff, children and families of SPUH, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your kind donations of beautiful new handmade blankets to our pediatric patients. Your gifts helped to brighten the day for many of our patients and their families during the holiday season.”
— Child Life Coordinator

From Keansburg Resource Network: “On behalf of our clients at the KRN I would like to thank you, each one of you, for your hours of work on all of the beautiful blankets! God Bless all of you.”
— ED

From Project Paul: “I want to express another “warm” thank you for all the beautiful afghans, scarfs and baby items you gave us. Our clients are most grateful for these beautiful gifts. May all of you experience the joy that comes from giving and the peace of this holiday season.”
— Sister Green

“Thank you for the kind donation of blankets to Comfort Zone Camp. Your donation will be distributed to our programs for grieving families impacted by the September 11th tragedies. We appreciate you teaming with us to make the world of a grieving child a better place.”
— Lynne B. Hughes, Executive Director, Comfort Zone Camp, Virginia

“This is to thank all of the volunteers who make blankets with such love and care. My son was involved in a car accident which took the life of his grandfather. My son Christopher was air lifted from the accident in Hammonton to Cooper Medical Center in Camden. When we were ready to leave the hospital 3 days later he was given this wonderful gift of a special blanket. It has meant a lot to him. Even though he received it at a very traumatic time in his life, he can look at it from time to time and take comfort in the fact that there are caring people in the world. Thank you all very much for the comfort and love that was stitched into his special blanket.”
— Patient Services, Cooper Medical Center, Camden NJ

“It was a pleasure to accept your donation for the children who are admitted through our emergency department. Many of these children are in quite a state of upset when the arrive…it will be comforting to have a security blanket to hold on to.”
— Director Volunteer & Guest Services/CentraState Healthcare System

“…to express my sincere gratitude for your thoughtful donation of baby blankets…many thanks.”
— Residential Life Coordinator/Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ

“Please let all the “Blanketeers” know how much their efforts, their talents and their goodness is appreciated.”
— The Michael Puharic Memorial Fund, Inc.

“Thank you for your contribution and for your vote of confidence in Covenant House New Jersey and the kids we serve. Your recent donation, lifted our spirits.”
— Director of Admin.Services, Convenant House

“Please thank the volunteers in your organization for the time, effort and caring that goes into making each and every blanket.”
— RN, Manager/Jersey Shore Family Health Center

“On behalf of The Children’s Regional Hospital, thank you for the handmade blankets and baby items. We are joyously overwhelmed!”
— Director/Patient Relations/Volunteer Services

“I would like to express my deepest thanks to you for thinking of our patients. Each blanket was so bright and colorful, and brought delightful smiles to the children’s face.”
— Child Life Specialist/Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

“The items you donated will be utilized by our Shelter families, our transitional housing families and our counseling clients. Many of them have left their personal belongings behind in search of a violence—free life. Thank you for and kind and thoughtful donation.”
— Director of Development/Women’s Center of Monmouth County, Inc.

“Domestic violence is a widespread community problem that demands community response. We commend you for your concern and thank you for being a partner in the struggle to end the cycle of violence.”
— Division Director/Catholic Charities

“You can be assured that your “hugs” will be appreciated by all in need in the pediatric department.”
— Director/Beth Health Care Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your recent donation of beautiful handmade blankets.”
— Director of Volunteer Services/Children’s Specialized Hospital

“Thank you for your contribution this holiday season in support of homeless women and children who are without significant resources…your help is healing…it restores trust in the goodness of others, it renews hope.”
— Executive Director/Epiphany House

“The Board of Directors of Manna House thanks you for your donation and continued support.”
— President/Manna House

“We were thrilled to receive such beautiful items from your organization, each was put to immediate use by many of our fragile patients.”
— Director Volunteer Services/Raritan Bay Medical Center

“Your generous donation helped make this a very special holiday for many families in our community.”
— Director of Development/Operation Sleighbells, Family & Children’s Service

“We have distributed the blankets to the children in need. Thank you for thinking of us.”
— Volunteer Resource Center/Kimball Medical Center

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with others.”
— Project Paul

“Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket that you sent our daughter. We are very appreciative that you were thinking of us.”
— Miller Family

“Many thanks to your volunteers for the donation of blankets. We’re sure they will provide comfort to the children in our community.”
— Captain Police Department/Domestic Violence Team Liason

“We appreciate your taking the time to remember the children and their families and for being a part of bringing joy to the youngest of our patients.”
— Administrative Manager/Dept of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan—Kettering Cancer Center

“As the cold weather sets in, I know that your contribution will do so much to improve the quality of life for many of our disadvantaged clients. We thank you for your generosity and for the beautiful workmanship of the blankets.”
— Director of Development/CPC Behavioral Healthcare

“Please accept my thanks for the lovely blankets and stuffed animals your organization donated to the “Baby Shower 2000” program. Your contribution was a highlight to our Prenatal Health Fair.”
— Coordinator of Volunteers/Volunteers in Public Service

“Simple gifts….can create a world of difference.”
— Operation Smile International

“We are delighted that the affiliation between our organizations became a reality so quickly. The foster children we serve are most appreciated.”
— Kidz Pax, Inc.

“I am very happy you included our Foundation in your blanket drives. Your assistance reminds families that there are people who are concerned and do truly care.”
— Regional Director/Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

“We wish to express our gratitude to you. For it is people like you and your organization, that make all the difference in helping others and encourage children to get involved in various programs like this one.”
— Marketing Manager/Wrights Limited Partnership

“You and all of the volunteers deserve very special blessings for all of the good work you continue to do.”
— The Sew Handy

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for your gift to us. The blankets will aid families in need. Please take comfort in knowing that you have made life a little more comfortable for those less fortunate.”
— Executive Director/Interfaith Neighbors, Inc.

“We can’t thank you enough for the donation of handmade blankies. We can see each was made with love and caring for the families staying here.”
— House Manager/Ronald McDonald House, NJ

“On behalf of the children….be assured that those wonderful blankets are much appreciated.”
— House Manager/Aids Resource Foundation for Children

We truly appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of fragile children and extend a heartfelt thanks from the babies who will receive them.”
— Director/Monmouth Medical Center

“Often when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder, and is suddenly sent from our outpatient center to stay overnight, the comfort of a blanket helps make a difference. Thank you for caring.”
— The Valerie Fund Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at The Mary Stavola Children’s Pavilion

“You truly are providing security, one blanket at a time. Many thanks.”
— Shepherd Center at Collier Services